This modular tachograph system complies with EU directive 3821/85.

The MTCO 1324 modular EC tachograph sets standards in performance, technology and design thanks to its separate display and recordingelements.Speed and distance travelled, as well as driver-relateddata such as driving, working and rest times, are recorded on conventional, tamperproof paper charts.


  • Automatic warnings
  • Multifunctional LCD display with 2 x 16 characters
  • Recording unit for ISO 7736 radio-sized slot
  • Flipdown or fixed drawer design
  • Drawer for two charts, locked and unlocked viaignition key
  • Battery-buffered real-time clock with automaticchangeover to summertime
  • Automatic positioning of recording chart to matchthe time of day
  • Automatic change of time groups and cut-off ofdistance recording after 25 hrs


  • Customer-specific front panels
  • CAN interface
  • Stand-alone version with digital speed indication
  • Info interface
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