img VDO NEC MTCO1390The Modular Tachograph NEC MTCO 1390 is speciallyused for countries outside the EU- and AETR- area or for vehicles not subject to tachograph regulation.Due to its modular design in radio-format the MTCO 1390 sets new standards. There are versions with tachograph charts for one day and tachographchart bundles for 5, 6, 7 or 8 days.


  • Multi-functional LC-display with 2x16 characters
  • Recording unit for the ISO 7736 radio-format
  • Either hinged or fixed drawer version
  • Automatic warnings
  • Locked and unlocked via ignition key
  • Battery-buffered real-time clock with automaticsummertime / wintertime switch-over
  • Automatic, real-time positioning of record sheetadmission (one day version)
  • Automatic change of time group and cut-offof distance after 25 h
  • Possible sensors: 2159, KITAS 2170, inductivesensor depending on version


  • Customized front panels
  • CAN interface
  • Stand-alone version with digital speed indication


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