paper1Tachograph paper is required for checks en route and for printouts by the driver. According to the law, tachograph paper must be inserted in the tachograph at all times. We recommend that you carry sufficient replacement rolls in the vehicle, in case you need to create control print-outs of the previous 28 days.

Original VDO tachograph printer paper is available in our service workshop and can also be used in the digital tachographs of other manufacturers.
Original VDO Printer Paper has been especially developed for the extreme environment in vehicles and the requirements by law.


We recommend using only Original VDO Printer Paper. There by the trouble-free operation of your tachograph and your whole fleet will be ensured.
Each single roll has a length of 8 meters and is separately packed in a foil protected from light and humidity.
Printouts which have been printed on our quality paper will remain legible over 3 years, if stored appropriately.


The Original VDO Printer Paper has the approval for the digital tachographs from VDO, Actia and Stoneridge. These approvals are valid in all EU member states including the adjacent countries (AETR signatories).


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